Silja Lehtpuu
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+372 515 7724

Silja Lehtpuu has graduated from Tallinn Technical University (Estonia) and obtained diploma in Economics in 1997 and obtained MSc (Economics) in 2003. Silja is a partner and consultant of Gravitas Consult since 2005. She has worked previously as administrative director in Estonian biggest retail group ETK and as a management consultant in Heiväl Consulting. Silja has carried out most of her consultancy projects in the fields of business development and tourism. Silja is mainly engaged in preparation and management of cross-border co-operation projects in business development, road construction, tourism development and cultural sector. She has great experiences in co-ordination of projects financed from various programmes like Central-Baltic INTERREG programme, Estonia - Latvia and Estonia – Latvia - Russia cross-border co-operation programmes. Her working languages are Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

Sille Talvet-Unt
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+372 510 9278

Sille has graduated University of Tartu (Estonia) and complemented herself in the fields of business management and tourism development. She obtained MAB (Strategic Management) with honours in 2013. Over past 20 years, Sille has worked in international organizations, Estonian public, private and third sector: Enterprise Estonia; United Nations Development Programme; International Organization for Migration; South Estonia Tourism Foundation; non-profit organization Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, etc.

Sille has performed top management tasks and been involved in strategic development of many organizations- She has worked with administrative, financial and developmental associated works. In Gravitas Consult, Sille has been mainly engaged with projects and development activities related to environmental awareness, regional and business development, tourism, international cooperation and healthcare.

Tanel Mätlik
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+372 5102705

Tanel Mätlik graduated from the University of Tartu (Estonia), BA (political philosophy) with honours in 1995. He obtained MA (political philosophy) with honours in 1998. In 1996/1997, he was Soros/FCO Chewening Scholar for research (political theory and philosophy) in the UK, at the University of Oxford. He has worked in various positions in public and private sector, incl. as Lecturer in the University of Tartu, as Counsellor to the Minister for Ethnic Affairs at the State Chancellery, as Programme Officer of MATRA Programme at the Royal Netherlands Embassy and as Director of the Integration and Migration Foundation. Tanel Mätlik has developed project proposals mainly in the fields of education, labour market, health care and civil society. He has a long-term experience in the development of strategies for organisations and policy fields and in the management of organisations, by participating in a number of management-related training courses.