Preparation of feasibility studies

Feasibility study must help project elaborator to evaluate if project is justifies and well prepared. In order to do that the feasibility study must provide answers to following questions:
• Does planned development provide socio-economic growth?
• Is development effectively achievable?
• Does the development provide economic profit?
Feasibility study if often needed as a supplementary document to financing applications connected to public and third sector investment plans. Feasibility study consist mainly of:
• Project goals and activity model
• Evaluation of economic profitability
• Socio-economic impact
• Risk analysis
Based on the specifics of the project the role of a consultant can vary. Mainly it consist of overall coordination, preparation and moderating working group meetings and brain-storming meetings, communication among partners, gathering additional information and its analysis, preparation of feasibility study document, preparation of financial prognosis any other agreed upon tasks.