Preparation of feasibility studies

Feasibility study must help project elaborator to evaluate if project is justifies and well prepared. In order to do that the feasibility study must provide answers to following questions:
• Does planned development provide socio-economic growth?
• Is development effectively achievable?
• Does the development provide economic profit?
Feasibility study if often needed as a supplementary document to financing applications connected to public and third sector investment plans. Feasibility study consist mainly of:
• Project goals and activity model
• Evaluation of economic profitability
• Socio-economic impact
• Risk analysis
Based on the specifics of the project the role of a consultant can vary. Mainly it consist of overall coordination, preparation and moderating working group meetings and brain-storming meetings, communication among partners, gathering additional information and its analysis, preparation of feasibility study document, preparation of financial prognosis any other agreed upon tasks.

Strategic planning

Business plan is essential for enterprise to plan and implement its development activities. Business plan can also be used for management and financial decision-making.
Business plan can also be needed for seeking further investments form banks, risk funds, financing programmes or other investors.

Preparation of business plan consists mainly of:
• formation of working group within the firm
• describing vision of the firm
• analysis and positioning of products and services offered
• market analysis with relevant market research activities
• preparation of marketing and financial plan
Based on the specifics of the business the role of the consultant in preparation of a business plan can vary a lot. It can consist overall coordination, preparation and moderating working group meetings and brain-storming meetings, consulting the business in using relevant analysis methods, gathering additional information for analyses or any other agreed upon tasks. But firms own input to preparation of business plan must always prevail.

Preparation of project applications

Gravitas Consult has put specific efforts in obtaining in-depth experience in European Union foreign aid programmes. Preparation of project under these Programmes can be very complicated andtime consuming. We help you in finding relevant financing instrument for you and also will help you willfurther elaboration of project and its technical formulation.
In general project application compilation consists of:
• setting project idea and main goals
• defining expected results of planned initiative
• preparation of civility plan and budget

In addition to above we help our clients to prepare project feasibility studies, business plans and other supplementary documents requested by funding programmes.

We have extensive network of potential partners among public, business and third sector. We will use this network to find best possible partners to our clients.

Project management

Gravitas Consult Ltd. will gladly help you with management of projects so you can be sure that all activities are done correctly and on time. And – we make sure that your reporting is prepared smoothly and correctly.
In general project management consists of:
• compilation of project team and clear distribution of tasks;
• active management and monitoring of project implementation to ensure that all is done according to set budget, time schedule and requirements set by funder.
• preparation and implementation of tenders.
• communication with project partners and funders;
• preparation of activity and financial reports to funders;
• comparative analysis of set project goals and achieved results